Student Awards and Achievements

Our students compete with 60-70,000 students from across Canada, consistently bringing home medals and high honours. Some of the awards won by Abelard students over the past few years are listed below.

2015 - 2016 school year:

  • Grade 12 Abelard student Amirali Azim won a gold medal in the Euclid Mathematics Contest of the University of Waterloo.
  • Grade 11 Abelard student Avi Kraft won a gold medal in the Hypatia Mathematics Contest of the University of Waterloo.
  • Grade 9 Abelard student Tasneem Badshaw won a gold medal in the Fryer Mathematics Contest of the University of Waterloo.
  • Grade 12 student Rathesh Balendran received a $60,000 Schulich Leader Scholarship from York University. Abelard students' Big Data Challenge abstracts were selected for scholarly publication by Canadian Science Publishing (NRC Research Press).
  • Abelard students Sivan Piatigorsky-Roth, Gwenyn Huang, Anna Nabutovsky, and Max Ackerman were selected for & published in "young voices 2015"!
  • Grade 12 Abelard student Rathesh Balendran won a Loran Scholars Provincial Award.
  • Grade 11 Abelard student Elias Zaarour ranked 50th of the top 60 speed skaters in Canada in the junior and senior divisions.
  • Grade 12 student Rathesh Balendran won two awards for community service - the Rotaract Gold Youth Civic Leadership Award from the Rotary Club and the Toronto Community Housing Investing in Diversity Scholarship.

2014 - 2015 school year:

  • Grade 12 Abelard student Malcolm Kennedy after being accepted by Cambridge University (UK)  won a Blyth Cambridge Commonwealth Trust Scholarship. (This remarkably competitive scholarship provides a select number of graduating Canadian high school students full funding to any college at Cambridge University for the duration of their undergraduate degree).
  • Grade-12 Abelard student Laura Harris won her fifth Gold Medal in a row on the National Latin Exam this year, along with a Gold Medal on the National Etymology Exam, as well as ELEVEN (!) 1st-place showings in contests at the convention of the Junior Classical League, ranging from Perseus’ Discus to Roman History.
  • Grade-10 Abelard student Aleks Nikolic-Houle won 1st prize for his violin performance at the Lippert Music Festival. Alex played the 1st movement of Beethoven's Spring Sonata, op. 24.
  • Grade-11 Abelard student Sivan Piatigorsky-Roth won 1st Prize for under-18 fiction in the Carlton University Creative Writing competition.
  • Grade 11 Abelard student Belanna Gans explained to an audience of some 500 scientists, students, entrepreneurs and members of the business community her proposed solution to the trisection of the triangle at this Tuesday's Demo Camp at the Rotman Centre's Creative Destruction Lab, and was lauded as a creative thinker.
  • One team from The Abelard School won a third place in the final round of the Big Data competition hosted by software developer SAS and U of T’s SciNet, which operates the Canada’s fastest supercomputer, and the other won an award for innovation.
  • Grade 11 Abelard student Sivan Piatigorsky-Roth has been awarded a Diller Teen Fellowship. (a 15-month award-winning leadership development programme, which chooses its Fellows with great attention and care for their potential to make unique contributions to both the cohort and society).
  • Grade 11 student Anna Nabutovsky received the Sandra Day O'Connor Award for outstanding achievement in the summer course she took on Law and Conflict Resolution (Trial Advocacy) at Columbia University (through their Summer Programs for High School Students).
  • Grade-11 Abelard student Remi Free completed an internship at an Inorganic Chemistry Lab at the University of Toronto.

2013- 2014 school year:

  • Grade 12 student Jimi Vyas was a finalist for the National Merit Scholarship Program.
  • Grade 12 student Josef Wolanczyk won a Gold Medal from the Royal Conservatory of Music.
  • Grade 12 student Roy Magen was selected to represent Canada at the World Science Conference (WSCI) in Jerusalem.
  • Grade 12 student Itai Bar-Natan placed in the top five in the country in the Canadian Senior Mathematics Contest.
  • Four Grade 10 students - Josiah Cohen, Gwenyn Huang, Sivan B. Piatigorsky-Roth, and Jaclyn Yan – had their work selected for publication in the Toronto Public Library’s Young Voices Magazine.

Previous years:
Vitalik Buterin (Gr.12) won a Bronze Medal at the International Mathematical Olympiad in Italy.
Zachary Devine (Gr.12) and Andrew Ilersich (Gr.10) won Third Place at the CASCON High School Programming Competition.
Vitalik Buterin (Gr.11) and Zachary Devine (Gr.11) placed in the top Honour Roll category for the Canadian Computing Competition, Junior division (sponsored by the University of Waterloo)
Harry de Valence (Gr.11) and Sergei Makarov (Gr.12) won First Place at the CASCON High School Programming Competition.

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